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Laminate FlooringType in Indianapolis, IN

Any room in your home can be easily upgraded by our stylish laminate flooring. This budget-friendly product is available in a variety of colors and styles. Our laminate floors can match any existing décor in your home while providing long-lasting benefits to a room’s livability.

Our fully stocked warehouse offers laminate flooring sure to suit your budget and style needs, and our floor experts are ready to help you choose your new floor. To guide you through the process toward the best decision, we have implemented the Five Star Selection System.

This independent rating scale classifies all of our laminate flooring options from One Star to Five Stars, allowing you to choose the lifetime and length of warranty that best suits your needs and budget. Regardless of rating, we carry and install only the finest laminate floors, from first-rate, trusted manufacturers.

Flexible Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are suitable for any room, and provide a variety of unique advantages at a low cost per square foot. Laminate is created from four compressed layers, each with an important role to play in its durability and style.

The core layer is tightly compressed to provide a springy surface without too much give, which makes laminate flooring easy on the feet without being easily damaged by foot traffic. A moisture-resistant layer backs this core to prevent floor rot, and a scratch and stain-resistant seal tops your flooring.

The image or “photograph” layer is the key to the design flexibility of laminate floors. This layer can be printed to mimic other flooring materials, including natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tile, or even hardwood flooring. More fanciful prints are also available, suitable for your unique style.

Laminate Flooring Installation on Your Schedule

Rely on our guaranteed laminate flooring installation. Laminate is specially manufactured for easy installation, with most brands using some form of “click-lock” joining system. This allows our installers to assemble your new floor like a puzzle, snapping the pieces into place for efficient, accurate installation. Some laminate floors are installed floating, while others come with glue pre-applied for even more time savings.

All of these features allow your new floor to be installed properly and effectively. Come in to browse our many laminate flooring options and see how this durable, low-maintenance floor can enhance the style of your home.

Are you looking for high-quality floorining Indianapolis, IN? Contact Jack Laurie Flooring America today! We proudly serve Indianapolis, Carmel, Zionsville, Fishers, and Westfield, IN, plus all of the surrounding areas.