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Waterproof Flooring in Carmel, IN


Preserving your home's structural integrity and creating a comfortable, healthy living environment for your family hinges on effective moisture protection. When it comes to safeguarding your home, selecting the appropriate flooring material is one of the most important steps.


At Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs, we understand that your waterproof flooring needs extend beyond functionality; you want attractive and durable options. That's why we offer a wide range of waterproof flooring in Carmel, IN, designed to meet your aesthetic desires while ensuring practicality and resilience. 


Our local showroom on East 82nd Street is your one-stop destination for moisture-resistant flooring. Stop in and see us today!


What Makes Waterproof Flooring Waterproof?


Waterproof flooring is designed to resist water and protect the floor from damage. It features tight seams and joints that prevent water from seeping between the floor pieces. Some types have a special topcoat for added water protection, while others include a waterproof backing or underlayment to shield the subfloor. 


However, it's crucial to note that while waterproof flooring is excellent at resisting water, it doesn't make the entire room waterproof. No flooring is fully waterproof. To achieve the best waterproofing results, proper installation is essential. Regular maintenance and prompt spill cleanup are also vital for preserving the condition of waterproof flooring.


Advantages of Having Waterproof Flooring in Your Home


Waterproof flooring offers several notable benefits, making it a popular choice for your Indianapolis area home. 


Moisture Resistance


Waterproof flooring can withstand spills, humidity, and water exposure without warping, swelling, or deteriorating. This makes it an ideal choice for areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and laundry rooms.




Waterproof flooring is constructed from robust materials designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, making it highly durable and long-lasting.


Easy Maintenance


Waterproof flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Spills and stains can be wiped away effortlessly, and regular sweeping or vacuuming keeps it looking fresh. Unlike some other flooring types, waterproof flooring does not require special sealants or treatments.




Waterproof flooring is often a good choice for allergy sufferers because it doesn't trap allergens like dust, pollen, or pet dander. Its easy-to-clean surface helps maintain a healthier indoor environment.




Waterproof flooring can be installed over various existing subfloors, including concrete and plywood. 


Resale Value


Installing waterproof flooring, especially in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, can increase the resale value of your home as potential buyers appreciate durable and low-maintenance features.


Find the Right Waterproof Flooring for You


It's important to be cautious when making your selection; not all waterproof flooring lives up to its claims. When it comes to ensuring quality and trustworthiness, your top choice is Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs for waterproof flooring in Carmel, IN.


We offer an extensive range of water-resistant flooring options at our nearby Indianapolis showroom, including:

  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Ideal for areas prone to moisture, such as basements and bathrooms. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (LVP) replicates the elegance and texture of real hardwood without the risk of water-related warping. Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring (LVT) captures the visual appeal of ceramic or porcelain tiles and can be installed without grouting for a faster turnaround.

  • Tile Flooring: Our selection of porcelain, stone, and ceramic tiles is renowned for its excellent moisture resistance. These tiles are suitable for various areas within your home as well as outdoor spaces like decks, patios, or outdoor kitchens. You can also choose wood-look tile to convey the elegance of hardwood.

  • Laminate Flooring: Laminate floors are a popular choice due to their affordability and water resistance. They come in two distinct styles: laminate wood flooring, which mimics the appearance of genuine hardwood, and laminate tile flooring, which resembles the look of porcelain or stone tiles.

Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs always places your flooring preferences and needs at the forefront. Our experienced flooring specialists are eager to guide you in finding the ideal flooring solution for your Indianapolis area home. Visit our showroom to see our latest waterproof flooring in Carmel, IN.


Professional Measurements & Installation for a Perfect Product


After your visit to our showroom, our friendly flooring specialist will arrange for an in-home measurement to ensure you purchase the right amount of flooring. Our professional installers will then come to your home to expertly install your waterproof flooring, paying close attention to secure seams and prevent moisture from reaching your subfloors.


Should you ever be dissatisfied with our installation or your new flooring, our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee offers protection for your purchase. Just contact us within 30 days of your initial installation, and we'll provide a complimentary replacement.


With over 70 years of experience, Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs is known for its hassle-free and budget-friendly approach to flooring. When you need waterproof flooring in Carmel, IN, come see your friends at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs or drop us an email!

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