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Laminate Wood Flooring in Fishers, IN

Having a home that accommodates your active lifestyle starts from the ground up. If you don’t have comfortable, eye-catching flooring throughout your property, chances are your space isn’t reaching its full potential. Purchasing and installing new laminate wood flooring from Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs will take your home to the next level. Durable, long-lasting, and stylish, laminate wood floors are a premium and affordable option to elevate your home in Fishers, IN.


If you’re looking for an extensive inventory of laminate wood flooring from the top brands and manufacturers, look no further than our stunning showroom, located only minutes from downtown Fishers. Our friendly flooring associates can guide you through all of the colors, styles, and patterns of laminate wood that we offer, making sure you walk away with the flooring of your dreams.


Contact Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs for more information on all of our laminate wood flooring products and services today.


What Laminate Wood Flooring is Right for You?

Laminate Wood Flooring was created as a budget-friendly alternative to hardwood floors. It’s nearly identical to traditional hardwood and can replicate any wood species from elegant walnut to exotic acacia.


When you go beyond the surface, there are a few key differences between the two. While authentic hardwood is made from solid wood, laminate wood floors are a combination of four layers of thin, compressed wooden boards. To get the desired aesthetic, an image of your preferred wood species, pattern, and color is then printed over the wooden boards and topped with a clear coating for protection.


Besides the style of your laminate wood, you’ll also get a choice between two manufacturing methods: direct-pressure and high-pressure. Both methods produce flooring that’s designed to handle the traffic and high moisture of bathrooms and kitchens, but each one has a unique and beneficial result.


Direct-Pressure Method

Direct pressure is a process in which four layers of laminate are fused together instantaneously. 

Since the process is so quick, laminate wood flooring created using this method is typically the most affordable on the market.


High-Pressure Method

In the high-pressure method, the four laminate layers are fused together individually. As each layer is added one at a time, the pressure and heat are increased. This process results in more durable variations of laminate wood flooring. These floors are most suitable for high-traffic spaces in commercial buildings.


Are you drawn to the aesthetics of hardwood but operating on a tight budget? Browse our vast inventory of laminate wood flooring, and find the perfect fit for you today.


Laminate Tile Flooring

Our showroom inventory isn’t limited to just one type of laminate flooring. We also offer a variety of laminate tile flooring.

While laminate wood flooring mimics hardwood, laminate tile flooring is made to replicate tile floors at a wallet-friendly price. It can take on the appearance of stone, porcelain, or even the delicate beauty of ceramic.


No matter what type of laminate flooring fits your needs, our flooring experts at Jacke Laurie Home Floor Designs are here to help you purchase and install it as efficiently as possible.


Who Choose Laminate Wood Flooring?

Our flooring experts at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs could spend endless hours listing the benefits of laminate wood flooring. From visual appeal to a long lifespan, there’s a reason it’s one of the best-selling flooring options for residential and commercial properties in Fishers, IN.


Our laminate wood flooring products are a superior choice for your next flooring project because they’re manufactured to be resilient and easy to keep clean. It’s uncanny to real hardwood flooring but is more scratch and water-resistant, and much more affordable. Like all of our flooring services, our laminate wood floors are highly customizable to your design preferences. 


Don’t let outdated floors drag your home’s value down. Get an upgrade with Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs’ laminate wood flooring products and services.


Installing Laminate Wood Flooring

After you’ve purchased sparkling laminate wood flooring from our conveniently located showroom, the only thing standing between you and completing your flooring project is proper installation. Don’t be derailed by a DIY or inexperienced installation process that could damage your new floors and your Fishers, IN, home. Work with our certified installers at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs to save time and additional repair expenses.


Trained to install all types of laminate wood flooring, our contractors will place your dream floors with the same care and attention to detail we use in our own homes. Our installation services are timely and rely on the most advanced tools and technology in the industry.


We understand that you have a clear and specific vision for your home. Even with our wealth of knowledge and experience installing floors in Fishers, we know that sometimes you might be dissatisfied with your new floors. That’s why we offer our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. This is our promise to you that if you’re unhappy with our work for any reason, we will replace your flooring for free within 30 days of your initial installation.


Maintaining Your New Laminate Wood Floors

From the day your new flooring is installed, it starts to undergo wear and tear. Routine maintenance and cleaning are the only things standing between your new floors and a premature replacement. Luckily, laminate wood flooring requires much less maintenance than most other flooring options, making it an ideal choice for busy homeowners with high-traffic households.


To maintain the beauty and functionality of your new laminate floors, our educated flooring specialists recommend weekly cleaning to prevent dirt and debris from building up. This can include sweeping or vacuuming. You can mop your laminate floors on a monthly or as-needed basis. Before cleaning, be sure to check your warranty for notes on which products and harsh chemicals to avoid on your specific flooring type.


Find the perfect laminate wood flooring for your lifestyle and home in Fishers, IN, with help from our caring team at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs.


Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs – Trusted Laminate Wood Solutions Since 1950

Transform your home or commercial space with laminate wood flooring options from our local team at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs. From first consultation to installation, we’re here to guide you through every step to maximize your time, budget, and style. Contact Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs for more information about all of our laminate wood flooring services. Or visit our showroom to view our full selection of laminate floors today.