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Wood-Look Laminate Flooring in Indianapolis, IN


When it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your Indianapolis home, wood flooring is a popular option. But thanks to modern innovations, you can achieve that timeless look for a much more affordable cost with wood-look laminate flooring from Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs.


Located conveniently in the northern heart of Indianapolis, Indiana, our showroom is stocked with an extensive range of laminate flooring options that provide the look and feel of real wood. We understand that your choice of flooring can impact how your space feels and functions. That's why our in-house flooring experts begin your shopping experience with an in-depth consultation to get to know your unique flooring needs.


Explore our Indianapolis showroom today, and discover the perfect flooring solution for your home.


Understanding Laminate Wood Flooring


Laminate floors are made by fusing multiple layers of synthetic flooring together. To visually mimic wood flooring, a photographic applique layer is applied underneath a clear protective coating. For busy households filled with pets and children, or high-moisture areas such as your laundry room or bathroom, laminate wood flooring is the perfect option. You can enjoy the classic look of hardwood without the risk of warping or damage.


At Jack Laurie Home Designs, we carry a vast array of wood-look laminate floors, as well as other varieties of laminate, so you can always find the flooring you need for a good price.


Additional Types of Laminate Flooring


When shopping for laminate flooring, you can also choose between other diverse styles of laminate flooring, specifically laminate tile flooring. Manufactured in a similar process of wood-look, tile-look laminate resembles authentic ceramic or stone tiles.


While the visual differences are next to none, you'll notice a drastic improvement in comfortability, versatility of installation, and cost.


Types of Manufacturing


Laminate flooring is typically manufactured using one of two methods:


Direct Pressure Laminate (DPL)


This method involves fusing the layers of laminate together instantly, resulting in a faster production process that lowers costs. DPL is known for its durability and resistance to moisture, making it suitable for various environments.


High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)


HPL involves fusing the layers one at a time, with increasing heat and pressure applied to each layer. This method produces the most durable laminate flooring, ideal for areas with high traffic and wear.


The Benefits of Laminate Flooring


Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs' wood-look laminate flooring inventory boasts several advantages, including:

Visit our showroom in Indianapolis, IN, today to explore how our wood-look laminate flooring options could benefit your home.


Our Laminate Wood Flooring Installation Service


At Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs, we offer professional laminate wood flooring installation services to ensure your new floors are expertly placed for a lasting and flawless finish. Our in-home installers are well-versed in handling laminate flooring with precision.


Our installation process begins with an in-home measurement, where we assess your space's exact flooring requirements. This step ensures that you purchase only what's necessary, saving you both time and money. Then, to complete the installation, our experts will use only the most cutting-edge tools and techniques in the industry.


At Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs, your satisfaction is our top priority. We stand behind the quality of our work with our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your new floors or our installation work, you can contact us within 30 days of the initial installation, and we will provide a complete complimentary replacement.


Contact us to schedule your next flooring installation today.


Caring for Your Laminate Wood Floors


Maintaining the quality and appearance of your laminate wood floors is fairly simple. When you purchase your new wood-look floors at our showroom, our experts will ensure you choose a style that fits your maintenance abilities as well.


Here are some essential care tips to consider:

By following these straightforward care guidelines, you can ensure that your laminate wood floors always look as good as the first day they were installed. If you ever need maintenance assistance, call our knowledgeable team at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs.


Laminate Flooring Solutions Since 1950


The team at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs has been serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas with quality flooring solutions since 1950. We take pride in offering a diverse selection of flooring options and expert in-house installation services that are fast and affordable. When you choose wood-look laminate flooring from our local showroom, you're not only selecting a durable and cost-effective flooring option but also benefiting from our decades of expertise.


Visit our showroom today and experience the difference that our reliable flooring solutions can make in your Indianapolis space.

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