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Laminate Wood Flooring in Westfield, IN

Are your floors comfortable to walk and sit on? Do they match the aesthetics of the rest of your home? If you answer “no” to these questions, then chances are you need new, updated flooring throughout your Westfield, Indiana home. Bring fashion and function to your home with new laminate wood flooring from Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs.


Just south of Westfield, our sprawling showroom houses an unparalleled inventory of laminate wood options. We also offer expert advice from our knowledgeable flooring associates and caring installation from our certified contractors.


As a locally owned business, we know how important it is to have a home your family can safely enjoy. That’s why we’ve provided residential and commercial properties in Westfield with fast and affordable laminate flooring solutions since 1991.


Contact Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs today to speak with our friendly flooring specialists about your next project.



The Basics of Laminate Wood Flooring


Laminate wood flooring is a visual replica of hardwood floors. While it’s nearly identical and comes in similar varieties of color, size, texture, and pattern, laminate wood is nearly half the price of traditional hardwood.


How it’s Made: The Laminate Manufacturing Process

Laminate wood flooring is created when four thin layers of wood are compressed tightly together. An image of a specific wood species characteristics including the color, grain pattern, and even textures is then printed on the top of the boards and coated in a clear seal for protection.

Two different manufacturing methods – direct pressure and high pressure – can be used for slightly varied results. The direct pressure method consists of an instantaneous fusion of the four layers for faster, cheaper production, while the high-pressure process fuses the layers one at a time. In this method, the heat and pressure are increased with each layer to create the most durable version of laminate wood flooring.


Both processes create flooring that’s perfect to use as a bathroom floor since it’s moisture-resistant and can withstand the pressure of heavy traffic.


Other Types of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring doesn’t just come in wooden options. At Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs, our showroom is overflowing with laminate flooring to fit all of your flooring needs.


Our other popular option is laminate tile flooring. Just as laminate wood is made to look like hardwood, laminate tile floors installed in your house will be unidentifiable from authentic tile floors. Much more affordable than traditional tile, laminate tile can replicate stone porcelain or even ceramic flooring.


Visit our showroom and allow our friendly flooring associates to guide you through our entire selection of flooring products today.


The Benefits of Laminate Wood Flooring


When you work with our flooring experts at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge on all of our flooring products built up from decades of experience. We only sell premium flooring that will benefit your Westfield home’s value and functionality.

Our laminate wood floor selection is no different. These flooring options boast a sophisticated style and a long lifespan perfect for a budding interior designer or a household bustling with activity.


A few benefits of laminate wood floors are:

Find out more about how new laminate wood floors can make your flooring dreams a reality at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs.

Installing Your New Laminate Wood Flooring


You have your bright and shiny new laminate wood floors in hand – now what? A DIY install may seem like a good way to save money on the front end, but without professional services, you could make a simple mistake that threatens the life and quality of your flooring. This could lead to costly repairs or premature replacement down the line.


Get the job done right the first time with expert laminate wood floor installation from Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs. We’ll come to your house in Westfield, IN, and place your new flooring with ease and efficiency.


All of our certified installers will treat your home like their own and do an amazing job cleaning up after themselves once you’ve approved their installation. We install flooring using only the highest quality tools and materials and great customer service. But we know that despite our quality services, there are times when customers might be left unhappy with their new floors.


No matter the reason, our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee promises that we will replace your flooring for free if you contact us within 30 days of your initial installation.


Good as New: Laminate Wood Maintenance


Your flooring starts to age the very minute it’s installed in your Westfield house. Luckily, you can keep your floors looking as new as the day you bought them with regular maintenance and cleaning. When it comes to laminate wood flooring, these tasks are much less robust than other different types of flooring.
Here are a few tips and tricks to maintain the quality of your new laminate floors:

Call our educated flooring team at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs for all of your flooring needs today.


Trustworthy Flooring Solutions Since 1950


It’s time for an upgrade. Ditch the outdated flooring in your home or commercial space in Westfield, IN, for new laminate wood flooring from Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs. Our local specialists will make your next flooring project a breeze from the moment you step through our showroom doors to the minute we step out your front door after installation. Our installation services and products including carpet, tiles like natural stone, and even vinyl plank flooring, are designed to help you get the most bang for your buck without sacrificing a superb customer service experience.

Contact Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs or visit our showroom and get one step closer to your dream laminate wood floors today.

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