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Zionsville, IN Pet-Proof Flooring


When it comes to keeping your beloved pets happy and your floors pristine, finding the perfect balance can be a challenge. In Zionsville, Indiana, where your furry friends are an integral part of your life, the quest for durable and stylish flooring solutions is a common pursuit.


At Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs, we offer pet-proof flooring in Zionsville, Indiana, that’s a game-changer in the worlds of home design and pet care. Our carefully curated range of pet-proof products and expert installation services are tailored to address your specific flooring needs. With decades of experience and a deep commitment to our community, we have become the trusted authority on the subject of pet-proof flooring solutions.


Visit our showroom on East 82nd Street in Indianapolis, just minutes south of Zionsville, and let our experts guide you toward a flooring solution for every member of your household.


Flooring for All Your Four-Legged Friends


Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs knows your flooring needs go beyond your design desires. You also need flooring that can stand up to wear and tear from your pets as well. Our pet-proof flooring in Zionsville, IN, includes:

  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Both luxury vinyl tile flooring (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) are considered high-quality pet-proof floor options. Scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to clean, all varieties of luxury vinyl flooring can stand up to your pet’s claws and accidents.

  • Tile Flooring: When it comes to pet-proof flooring, tile is one of the strongest options in our inventory. We carry porcelain, ceramic, and wood-like tile products so you get the water resistance and style you’ve been searching for.

  • Laminate Flooring: Both wood-look and tile-look laminate flooring offer flooring that stands up to your pet’s daily wear and tear without breaking the bank or sacrificing modern aesthetics.

  • Hardwood Flooring: There’s a reason hardwood floors have stood the test of time – they’re incredibly durable, especially against your pet's sharp claws and strong paws. However, if you have a pet prone to accidents, be carefully selecting wood floors, as they aren’t as moisture-resistant as other flooring types in our selection.

  • Carpet Tiles: Did you know carpet flooring can also be pet-friendly? We carry a range of carpeting that is made from tightly woven loops to be both strong and soft underfoot. Carpet tiles are an innovative type of carpeting that allows you to replace individual spots of carpet when extreme damage or irreversible moisture-related accidents occur. This way you can enjoy plush carpet in your pet-filled home without having to replace entire rooms of flooring too often.

Jack Laurie Home Floors Designs’ friendly flooring specialists are eager to help you navigate our entire stock of pet-proof flooring so you find the perfect fit for your Zionsville, IN, home. Visit our showroom today to start your pet-friendly flooring journey.


Why Choose Pet-Friendly Flooring?


New flooring can be a hefty investment. But it’s well worth it for beautiful floors that last for many decades. However, if you skip consulting with flooring experts, such as the staff at our local showroom, you might purchase flooring that isn’t a good functional fit for the furry members of your household and end up replacing your flooring again prematurely.


Additional benefits of choosing pet-proof flooring include:


Scratch Resistance


Our pet-friendly flooring options are naturally more scratch-resistant, so claws, paws, furniture, and other sharp objects aren’t a hazard to your new floors.


Moisture Resistance


In a household with pets, accidents are bound to happen. Whether they’re not potty trained or they’re sloppy eaters and drinkers, our flooring options for pet-filled homes in Zionsville are specially designed to hold up against heavy moisture exposure. These products also help reduce stains and odors.


Increased Strength


Strong floors are a must for any busy household or high-traffic area. But if you have pets, the need for a durable floor is even greater. We carry a wide range of resilient flooring products.


Easy Maintenance


You spend enough time cleaning up after your four-legged family. Don’t add excessive floor maintenance to your already full plate. Choose a style of pet-proof flooring that boasts a simple maintenance routine and easy cleaning methods.


Call Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs for more information on the benefits of pet-proof flooring, or visit our showroom to take home your new flooring today.


Beyond the Buy: Our In-Home Services


When you step into Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs’ showroom just minutes south of the heart of Zionsville, IN, you’re choosing a professional flooring partner who will stand by your side throughout the entire process.


Before you even choose your new flooring style, our certified installers will travel to your home and measure the space you’ve decided to replace so you only buy the flooring you need – no excess. Once your shopping is complete, they’ll return to perform a seamless installation fueled by our cutting-edge tools and techniques.


Installation of pet-proof flooring requires an expert hand as one small mistake can compromise the pet-proof qualities, such as the moisture resistance if the seams are not properly secured to the subfloors. Our professional team will also take care of any clean-up and answer your questions along the way.


Once the initial installation is complete, you have 30 days to contact us if you’re unhappy with your flooring or our work for any reason at all. As part of our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee, we’ll perform a free replacement with a comparable flooring product.


Schedule your in-home installation with our knowledgeable flooring team today.


Contact Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs Today


Discover how you can create a pet-friendly and aesthetically pleasing environment in your home by exploring Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs’ pet-proof flooring options. Since 1950, we’ve provided comprehensive flooring products and services to residents across Zionsville and the surrounding area. Visit our showroom or contact us today for unparalleled pet-proof flooring in Zionsville, Indiana.

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